The North Dakota Planning & Zoning Handbook is a good place to start if you are new to Planning & Zoning.  It includes information on land use regulation; local Planning and Zoning Commissions and Comprehensive Plan requirements.

The Handbook was initiated by the North Dakota Planning Association with funding assistance from the North Dakota Division of Community Services, North Dakota League of Cities and the North Dakota Association of Counties.

Technical Assistance

The Regional Councils in North Dakota will also assist communities in their planning efforts.  If you know of others, let us know.

Zoning Ordinance Examples

Township of Arnegard

Mountrail County

Healthy Communities Planning

Action Strategies Toolkit:  With health as a focus, many cities are considering land use management with exercise and safe walkable neighborhoods in mind.  One good resource is the Action Strategies Toolkit from Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.

Community Design Guidebook:  The page also has an Increasing Physical Activity Through Community Design guidebook along with several other reports for communities just getting started in their planning for a healthy community.