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NDHFA:  2012 Statewide Housing Needs Assessment

USDA:  Rural Housing Resources

ND League of Cities:  Abandoned Building Guide

Prairie West: 3-Phase Abandoned House Strategy


Developing Housing

Interview with Don Frye,

Mayor of Carrington, North Dakota


An increasing population has created a demand for housing that is growing faster than our ability to provide it in many places in the state. There are several agencies in North Dakota that provide financing and tax incentives for developing housing projects.

The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) offers several programs for developing housing. Faces of Home gives examples of how their funding has been used in North Dakota and how these programs have made a difference.

The Agency has a publications and resource page that links to 2014 housing facts and the statewide 2012 Housing Needs Assessment.

We have also included a NDHFA Project Table of their projects that lists the programs and people that assisted in the development the projects.

USDA provides rural housing resources from programs to data.

The North Dakota League of Cities publishes an Abandoned Building Guide for those in communities with a need to utilize empty houses and their lots.

Deb Walworth, executive director of Prairie West Development has a housing program she developed for dealing with empty homes and out-of-state owners.

Developing Housing Projects

Interview with Don Frye, Mayor of Carrington