North Dakota Rural Grocery Store Initiative

North Dakota is working to create a network of resources and support for rural grocery stores.  In January of 2016 the North Dakota Rural Grocery Store Initiative was launched.  NDREC is hosting information for the initiative and task force and can be found on their website.  We have also included videos from the meetings and links to resources for developers to use when working with a local grocery store.


North Dakota Rural Grocery Store Initiative Meeting Videos

North Dakota Food Distribution Network  |   More Meeting Videos

How Kansas Sustains Rural Grocers  |    More Meeting Videos

Other Resources

A number of resources are available from others who have been working to save rural grocery stores in their states.

Kansas State University has a Rural Grocery Store Toolkit that includes comprehensive resources from market assessment and food suppliers to business management and marketing.

The Center for Rural Affairs has an excellent page with news articles, information on ownership models and stories of successful small town grocers.

The towns of New England and Buffalo have successfully kept their grocery stores open by using a community-owned store model.  Bowden and Regent both have local stores using the co-op model.

Rural Grocery Store Initiative

The video below provides a look at one state’s grocery store initiative.

Walsh, Colorado 

How one small town in Colorado saved their grocery store.