Developer Station

Developer Station was created as a free membership website for rural economic developers in North Dakota.  It was launched in July of 2012 to provide a statewide, online collaboration platform. It was updated in 2015, without membership requirements, to continue to serve as a networking and information hub.
The goal is for economic and community developers, particularly those in rural communities or those new to the job, to make new connections, learn about programs and resources and to easily find models that work in North Dakota.

Advisory Committee

Currently we are recruiting people from the developer community who would like to have a say in what goes on at Developer Station. Please contact us if you would like to be included. Nothing too arduous, a group email to connect on ideas, topics and content, one or more people who would like to help admin on Facebook or perhaps help moderate an ‘ideas’ topic in the forum from time to time to increase the participation of others. Contact us


Developer Station was initiated and funded by the Rural Economic Area Partnership Investment Board (REAP). The Great Plains Center for Community Research and Service (GPCCRS) at Minot State University, along with the Cavalier County Job Development Authority (CCJDA) and KAT Communications, implemented the original project. Developer Station is now a collaboration of REAP and Seed Stock Media, LLC.
Developer Station started with a simple vision to impact economic and community developers across the state. The idea began with the Rural Economic Area Partnership Investment Board (REAP) in the summer of 2011.
REAP formed a steering committee, contracted SJB Consulting and interviewed economic developers and staff from agencies across the state. The compiled information revealed that communication, collaboration and regional focus were important to those interviewed. There was also an interest in understanding more efficient ways to hold trainings and meetings and to share information. Participants talked about putting best practices and mentorship opportunities online where anyone in the state with an internet connection could connect with other developers.

Initial Participants

There are many who helped move the Developer Station idea to a reality by sharing their time and insight. Although some of the people originally involved have moved on and are not in the same organizations or positions, we would still like to give credit to the following people and their organizations for participating in the initial work.

Marvin Erdmann Chairman Bismarck Chapter, Service Corp of Retired Volunteers
Diane Olson Director Bottineau Economic Development Corporation
Carol Goodman Executive Director Cavalier County Jobs Development Authority
Dr. Lana Rakow Director Center for Community Engagement, UND
Lynette Flage Project Director, Horizons Center for Community Vitality, NDSU Extension Service
Kathleen Tweeten Director Center for Community Vitality, NDSU Extension Service
Bruce Govig Director & Entrepreneur Coach Center for Innovation
Deb Eslinger Executive Director Center for Technology and Business
Cindy Sanford State Outreach Specialist Center for Technology and Business
Paul Griffin Deputy Director Consensus Council, Inc.
Becky Meidinger Executive Director Cooperstown/Griggs Economic Dev. Corp.
Paul Govig Director Division of Community Services, North Dakota Department of Commerce
Paul Lucy Director Economic Development & Finance Division, North Dakota Department of Commerce
Gaylon Baker President Economic Development Association of North Dakota
Carissa Richter Administrator Economic Development Association of North Dakota
Patricia Bowen Executive Director Ellendale Jobs Development Authority
Paul D. Markel, PhD Co-Director Great Plains Center for Community Research & Service, Minot State University
Pat Downs Cooperative Development Specialist North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives
JoAnn Rodenbiker Economic Development Consultant Northern Plains Electric Cooperative
Don Frye Economic Dev Consultant Otter Tail Power Company
Jim Belquist Executive Director REAP Investment Board
Art Wanner Board Member REAP Investment Board
Brenda Dissette Foster Executive Director Rugby Job Development Authority
Shirley Brentrup Principal SJB Consulting
Patti Perry Executive Director Slope County Job Development Authority
Bon Wikenheiser State Director Small Business Development Center
Melanie Bauer Dukart Area Specialist USDA Rural Development Dickinson
Bill Davis Deputy State Director USDA Rural Development State Office
Josh Kramer Community Project Specialist USDA Rural Development State Office
Dale Van Eckhout Business Program Director USDA Rural Development State Office

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